Monday, March 21, 2016

Most Delicious Cauliflower with Sweet and Sour Orange Sauce {vegan}

As I'm getting ready to share with you this delicious cauliflower wings recipe it's hard to believe, that I have been waiting so long to try this at home. I used to think, that it is hard to cook chinese food, so I enjoyed it only at restaurants. I also thought, that you have to fry vegetables in oil and the sauce was a mystery full of sugar.

But it turns out, that this sweet and sour cauliflower recipe is really easy and to make the sauce you don't need any special ingredients or cooking skills.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

One Bowl Easy Vegan Chocolate Cake with Chocoalte Cream Recipe


Vegan Chocolate Cake and Frosting Recipe

My birthday was comming and of course there is no birthday without a birthday cake. As I like everything to be perfect, I had to try my chocolate cake recipe at home first, before I make it for all my family and make sure it is delicious. So this is the cake I made and it turned out perfect! My family loved it.