Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mmm... So good! Eggplant Soup with Coconut Milk

As you may already know eggplant is probably my fiance's favorite vegetable. When we go for a shopping, we quite often bring home even more than 7 of these gorgeous purple veggies. And that's the time when I have to think what should I do with bunch of them, something what would brought joy to my taste, because I fiance could eat the same meal every day, yet I need variety, so I always search and improvise to create something perfect and worth sharing with you. :) This soup is veganized from the lithuanian page Yoga Diet recipe - Eggplant "mushroom" soup, I wouldn't say my soup was similar to mushroom soup, tho.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Double Chocolate Cupcake Softness

Oh, chocolate... I'm one of those people to whom chocolate is never enough. Almost always when I make cupcakes, cakes or sweets I put in there some chocolate chips, but I have to admit, that some recipes are just perfect the way they are and chocolate would only out shine it's subtle taste.